Get TikTok-Viral Creme Croissants From New York City At This Botanic Gardens Bakery

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Swish Rolls sells creme croissants from NYC in Singapore

New Yorkers—and subsequently TikTok—went wild for the creme croissants that Lafayette Grand Cafe & Bakery began baking earlier this year. Instead of flying 18 and a half hours across the planet to get your hands on some, pop over to Cluny Court at Botanic Gardens MRT Station instead, because they’re now baking at local bakery Swish Rolls!


We visited Lafayette’s Bakery & Café to try their viral Crème Suprêmes, and we weren’t disappointed. #bakery #croissants #pastry #insider

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In case you’re just getting caught up on the trend, the viral Crème Suprêmes only debuted in April this year, attracting so much attention that the French bakery in New York City started seeing hours-long queues even before they opened each day. They’re so highly sought after, that each customer is only allowed to buy one.

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