Get Taro Croissant And Biscoff Latte At The Daily Cup’s New Yishun Kiosk

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The Daily Cup opens in Yishun 

Bishan residents might know of The Daily Cup, a humble kiosk in Bishan North Shopping Centre that specialises in authentic Ipoh kopi and toast. Good news, they recently opened a new outlet in Yishun! And here’s even better news: they’ve also launched two new items on the menu, including a taro-flavoured croissant and Biscoff caramel latte. 

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Their Signature Croissant comes in five different flavours: Yam, Ipoh Tea, Black Sesame, Key Lime, and Egg Mayo. Each flaky croissant is packed with a sweet flavoured cream, and here comes the best part—you can get four pieces at a wallet-friendly price of $9.90. Else, you can get one for $2.80. These croissants are available at both outlets, and are part of the brand’s permanent menu. 

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