Get Raw Marinated Crab With Rice And Banchan Under $20 At This Korean Restaurant In Lavender

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Pohang Seafood & Butchery has raw marinated crabs

True-blue fans of Korean food would know how expensive raw marinated crabs can be in Singapore. Cue Pohang Seafood & Butchery, a Korean restaurant that offers this labour-intensive dish at half the price of what you would get in most restaurants. Even better news: they have two outlets across the country, Beauty World and Lavender.

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Image credit: Dennis Toh

The Marinated Raw Crab Meal takes the limelight here, and you can enjoy this at $18++ during lunchtime, and $20++ for dinner. Each set comes with two raw marinated crabs, a huge bowl of sashimi rice topped with seaweed bits, and about four different types of banchan. 

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