Get Paper-Baked Herbal Chicken At This Popular Zi Char Eatery In JB

2 weeks ago 44

Restoran Teck Sing JB

For some reason, paper wrapped chicken is seldom seen in Singapore these days, but if you miss that, Restoran Teck Sing, just across the Johor Strait, is one place that still keeps it on the menu—albeit served as a baked, whole chicken, rather than deep-fried packets of chicken pieces.

Here, Paper Wrapped Chicken (RM35/~S$11.30) has been the star dish on the menu, which encompasses more than 70 dishes, since the restaurant was first founded more than 30 years ago, first as a humble dai pai dong, before they moved into their current space. For an idea of how popular it is, it’s said that nine out of 10 patrons to Teck Sing order the item.

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