Get Matcha And Chendol Soya Milk Under $4 From This Toa Payoh Stall

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Pure Soya Bean is a hawker stall in Toa Payoh with chendol and matcha soya milk

When we think of sweet treats in Toa Payoh, 68 Nonya Kueh and their huge ondeh ondeh, or the famous Folks & Stories bakery with their cheesecake cookies may come to mind first. But you may not have heard of Pure Soya Milk at Toa Payoh West Market & Food Centre which serves soya milk, beancurd, and grass jelly with a variety of unique toppings and flavours. 

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The stall’s Matcha Green Tea Soya Milk ($3.50) and Black Glutinous Rice Soya Milk ($3) are what most of their patrons love. Since the sugar levels were adjustable, we got them with less sugar. 

Starting with the Matcha Green Tea Soya Milk, the bitter notes of the matcha came through as the drink was not too sweet. Though we liked the bittersweet combination, we found that it got a tad astringent towards the end.

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