Get Legit Thai Pandan Pancakes, Lava Mochi And More Street Snacks At This Golden Mile Stall

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Baan Kanom Thai snacks at Golden Mile Supermarket

Golden Mile Supermarket is chock full of hidden gems. The latest blip on our radar is Baan Kanom Thai, a Thai street snacks and desserts kiosk selling treats under $5.

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Baan Kanom Thai was established in 2020 as a home-based business. Run by a Thai-Singaporean couple, the kiosk is best known for their kanom krok bai toey, AKA Thai Pandan Pancakes. These gooey, kueh-like cakes are perfumed with real pandan extract made in-house, and then cooked on a special pan with flower moulds. These pancakes are priced at $4 for 10 pieces.

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A purple sweet potato version is also available!

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