Get Legit Gyoza And Ramen At This Hole-In-The-Wall Eatery In Somerset

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Gyoza no Ohsho has gyoza and ramen at Cuppage Plaza

Image credit: Yi Ling

Cuppage Plaza is home to a few authentic Japanese eateries, one of which is the hole-in-the-wall Gyoza no Ohsho. As far as we can tell, this gyoza and ramen place is connected to the restaurant chain of the same name that has over 700 outlets in Japan. In Singapore, its Somerset location is the only outlet.

Image credit: @_goodlifeclub

As its name suggests, Gyoza no Ohsho is chiefly known for its excellent Gyoza ($6+). From its pan-fried, crispy wrapping of just the right thickness, to its juicy and flavourful pork filling, you’re likely to be impressed by the gyoza here. If you prefer your dumplings even crunchier, you can opt for the deep-fried version instead.

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