Get Japanese Nasi Lemak With Mentaiko Fish And Miso Kaarage In Farrer Park

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Nasi Don has Japanese fusion nasi lemak in Farrer Park

Image credit: Tan Siew Wen

From nasi lemak to Japanese donburi, it is no question that Singaporeans love their rice dishes. Someone had the idea to combine those two aforementioned dishes, and lo and behold, Nasi Don was born. The franchise, which currently has two stalls and one recently-opened eatery near Farrer Park MRT Station, serves up exciting fusion bowls that blend nasi lemak with a variety of Japanese-inspired ingredients.

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Image credit: Dayna W

At Nasi Don, you can either build your own bowl or choose from one of the many donburi renditions. A popular bowl to start with would be the Signature Pork Belly Don ($7.90), which features succulent pork belly chashu, enoki tem...

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