Get Halal Collagen Chicken Soup Noodles At This New Dumpling Eatery In Chinatown

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DumPrince Dumpling House at Chinatown Point

We previously visited Kure Menya in Tanjong Pagar and thoroughly enjoyed the rich, collagen chicken broth of the ramen there. If you’ve missed it since they shuttered, fret not, because they’re back as DumPrince Dumpling House at Chinatown Point!

Image credit: @bbjiaksimi

Where Kure Menya used to specialise in Japanese-style ramen and more, they’ve flipped to a new leaf, serving Chinese-style la mian and dumplings instead—albeit served with the same, signature collagen soup. As before, the ingredients used at DumPrice Dumpling House are all halal-certified, although the eatery itself isn’t.

Image credit: @bbjiaksimi

Prices here start from $5.50 for QQ Prawns Noodle Soup with Clear Soup, or $7.50 with Collagen Broth. Other options you can have with the hand-pulled noodles are Chicken Dumplings, Prawn Dumplings, or Meatballs ($6.90/$8.90)

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