Get Colourful Snow Crab And Spicy Korean Chicken Sandwiches At This Lot One Kiosk

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San.wich in Lot One has colourful stuffed sandwiches

Good news for Westies: you can now get healthy, Japanese-inspired sandwiches at San.wich, a new sandwich kiosk in Lot One! They are located in Basement One of the mall, which is right next to Choa Chu Kang MRT Station.

San.wich is managed by the folks behind popular local bakery Swee Heng. If you haven’t noticed, their name is inspired by the Chinese character ‘三’ which translates to ‘three’, with the three lines that make up this character resembling a sandwich. 

What makes their sandwiches look so enticing is the colourful bread used—these are baked daily with natural ingredients such as pumpkin, beetroot, and sweet potato, and no added colourings. All their sandwiches are prepared in-store daily, ensuring the freshness and quality of their items. 

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