Get $5 Crab Claws, $30 Salted Egg Lobster And More At This MacPherson Zi Char Stall

10 months ago 103

Yuan Wei Seafood has cheap crabs at MacPherson

Image credit: Felicia Koh

Not too long ago, a post on the Facebook group Can Eat! Hawker Food spread word about a zi char stall that sold a bunch of crab pincers for just $5 each. That post is referring to Yuan Wei Seafood, a stall in MacPherson known for its value-for-money seafood dishes.

Image credit: Simon Loh

The above image shows what the original poster managed to get: four crab claws, prepared kam heong-style, for a total of $20. That’s an incredible $5 per claw. The post even noted that the claws were sizeable and fresh.

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