German tourist investigated after stripping naked and gatecrashing Bali temple ceremony

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The authorities in Bali, Indonesia, have arrested a German tourist who gatecrashed a sacred temple performance and stripped naked during the ceremony.

On Monday, Darja Tuschinski was reportedly denied a ticket to the Hindu show at the Saraswati Ubud Temple, according to several news outlets including

The 28-year-old is then said to have pushed past security to enter the performance space before removing her clothes.

In a video widely circulated online, the woman is seen walking past a group of dancers on stage before she forcefully opens a large set of gilded doors.

After being confronted by a local man, Darja walks off the stage to kneel next to a shrine as if in prayer.

She eventually returned to the stage as the audience looked on in shock.

Security staff finally detained Darja for disrupting the performance and handed her over to the police in the Ubud district.

She was questioned at the police station before being taken to a hospital for physical and psychological assessments.

The police have also conducted drug and alcohol tests on Darja but have not yet made the results public.

The temple’s staff meanwhile apologised to visitors and performed a ritual to remove the “bad energy” from the area as a result of the naked rampage.

The authorities believe Darja had been struggling with her finances and became stressed when she could not get hold of a ticket for the show.

She faces up to two years and eight months in prison if found guilty to have broken the country’s public indecency laws.

Bali has long been a popular resort island with global tourists. But in recent years, many Indonesians have called some of them out for unruly behaviours, and officials are prepared to act tough.

In early April, a Russian tourist was deported after posting a photograph of himself naked from the waist down on Mount Agung.

The mountain is Bali’s highest peak, and the island’s Hindus believe it to be the home of their gods.

In March, the island’s authorities said foreign tourists would...

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