Genting Highlands Apartment Management Clarifies Building Isn’t Haunted, Threatens Legal Action Against Rumour-Mongers

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Content creators would allegedly break into residents' apartments at night to get footage.

By - 24 Jun 2022, 2:23 pm

Genting Highlands Apartment Management Taking Legal Action Against False Claims Of Hauntings

Genting Highlands has always been a hot destination for tourists, be it for its casinos or resorts.

But apart from these typical attractions, an apartment complex, Amber Courts, has attracted many curious paranormal enthusiasts. Unfortunately, these sparked rumours about supernatural activities there, which has apparently caused much inconvenience to the residents and management.

Residents eventually grew so frustrated with the false claims that they held a protest.

The apartment’s management has since decided to take legal action against baseless allegations to stop the rumours from spreading and affecting the property’s value.

Genting Highlands’s Amber Court residents hold protest


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