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According to a recent survey conducted by KPMG, the impact of generative AI on business operations is rapidly growing, with profound implications for the workforce. The survey findings reveal that a substantial 72% of respondents believe that GenAI has the potential to significantly enhance productivity within their organizations. Additionally, 66% of participants anticipate a transformation in the future work landscape, while 62% recognize the ability of AI to stimulate innovation and facilitate the development of novel products and services.

The company believes that these results underscore the increasing importance of GenAI in driving organizational success and fostering creativity and progress.

“Strategic tasks are set to benefit most from AI implementation,” Felicia Lyon, KPMG’s principal of human capital advisory, told VentureBeat. “Individuals will benefit from having more time to focus on these tasks as more tactical tasks are automated and an enhanced ability to perform them due to the ease of access to supporting information and capabilities (that is, analytics).”

Caution around generative AI

While acknowledging the positive aspects, participants in the survey also remained cautious about potential negative implications linked to the adoption of generative AI.