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Why is a specific generative AI model producing hallucinations when given a seemingly typical prompt? It’s often a perplexing question that is difficult to answer.

San Francisco-based artificial intelligence startup Galileo is aiming to help its users to better understand and explain the output of large language models (LLMs), with a series of new monitoring and metrics capabilities that are being announced today. The new features are part of an update to the Galileo LLM Studio, which the company first announced back in June. Galileo was founded by former Google employees and raised an $18 million round of funding to help bring data intelligence to AI.

Galileo Studio now allows users to evaluate the prompts and context of all of the inputs, but also observe the outputs in real time. With the new monitoring capabilities, the company claims that it is able to provide better insights into why model outputs are being generated, with new metrics and guardrails to optimize LLMs.

“What’s really new here in the last couple of months is we have closed the loop by adding real tim...