From livestreaming to data analytics: How this omnichannel platform helps companies scale up and build powerful retail experiences

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SHOPLINE provides an all-in-one solution for merchants, using industry-leading templates, integrated data and other tools to build fully-customisable e-commerce websites

A bright red backdrop, a winking face: Miniso’s logo is easily recognisable from the moment you see it adorning a storefront in a shopping mall. 

But online? This is less so the case — up until September last year, when the lifestyle variety store enlisted the help of omnichannel retail platform SHOPLINE to help expand its global footprint. 

After onboarding onto SHOPLINE, Miniso was able to connect their e-commerce store to diverse social media channels such as Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram to reach more customers. 

Simultaneously, SHOPLINE also improved Miniso’s search engine ranking by providing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) marketing tools to catapult the brand and its products to the top of Google searches for related keywords. 

And finally, at the team’s recommendation, Miniso then incorporated an automated e-mail direct mail tool — SmartPush — to send custom push notifications to their existing user base about upcoming flash sales, reminders about abandoned items in shopping carts, and attached limited-time coupon codes for discounts. 

The result? After just half a year, Miniso saw a whopping 507-per-cent increase in its quarterly gross merchandise value on its Indonesian site and a 73-per-cent...

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