From a modern classic to an icon’s final tribute: Why these rides have chic designs

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With a trained eye for aesthetics, Mr Tan Szue Hann from the Singapore Institute of Architects shares his impression of these sleek and stylish cars

When it comes to cars, it is really a case of different strokes for different folks.

Whether it’s about aesthetics or performance, everyone has their own perspectives.

But there are some models that have earned the respect and adulation of most – car enthusiasts or otherwise. Famous examples include the Volkswagen Beetle, the Mercedes-Benz 300SL and the Land Rover Defender (a new model is featured in this story).

When it comes to the aesthetics of a car, Mr Tan Szue Hann, the honorary secretary of the Singapore Institute of Architects, says: “The first thing I look for, as a consumer, is its ‘face’ – the front of the car. Much like a person, it needs to have an identifiable personality, and that personality needs to be consistent with the rest of the car, including its kit, interiors and performance.”

[email protected] 2022 is held on Aug 13 and 14 at the Singapore Expo Halls 3B and 4. To find your way around, tap on "Hall 3B" or "Hall 4" to zoom into the enlarged version of the floor plan of the respective halls. 

But as someone with a trained eye, Mr Tan, who currently works in the sustainability sector, finds the overall form of the car, “especially its silhouette”, important.

“That tells me a lot about the car – how many people it can accommodate, what purpose it serves, as well as the thinking behind the aerodynamics of the car. I would then imagine how it performs on the road,” he says. “The rear, of course, is important too as that’s what most drivers would be looking at in traffic!”

The following creations, which will be showcased at [email protected] 2022, are good-lookers in their own right.

But do they earn the nod of approval from a trained architect? Mr Tan shares his impressions of them.

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