French Cheese Meets Singaporean Zi Char!

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Popiah with Cheese

Over the years, we have been having fun discovering the versatility of French Cheese. We have paired French Cheese with local ingredients, brought them on a picnic, baked it to eat with youtiao, and even made Cheese Cheong Fun with it! Yes, it is cheesy, but it was so good!

This time around, I am challenging Ah Boy, a 4th generation Zi Char Chef from Good Chance Popiah to make some Zi Char dishes out of it!

Watch the video where I challenged Chef Ah Boy to use French Cheese in his dishes

While there has the occasional zi char dish that uses cheese — I can think only of the cheese prawn beehoon of Malacca, they usually use processed cheese and not a natural cheese like the French Emmenthal that we are using today!

Cheesy Popiah

Chef Ah Boy torching the Emmenthal before wrapping into his popiah

Chef Ah Boy was quite confident with the cheese challenge and immediately got down to creating some dishes with the Emmenthal cheese.

Since his restaurant is famous for its Popiah, it didn’t take him much tim...

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