Food Picks: Basilico's cheese room returns; veteran chefs revive Cantonese classics; Jypsy relocates

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Min Jiang

Rediscover Cantonese classics

Four veteran Chinese chefs have come together to showcase Hong Kong-style Cantonese classics at Goodwood Park Hotel's Min Jiang restaurant.

For a week-long promotion, they have whipped up three menus (from $88 a person for a five-course lunch menu for four) featuring rarely seen dishes that date back at least three decades.

Min Jiang chef Chan Hwan Kee is teaming up with retired chefs Chan Kwok (formerly from Orchard Hotel's Hua Ting Restaurant), Chin Hon Yin (Sheraton Towers' Li Bai Cantonese Restaurant) and Chung Ho Shi (Conrad Centennial Singapore's Golden Peony restaurant).

Celebrity gourmand Moses Lim worked with the chefs to curate the menus.

They dish out hit after hit. Chef Chin's soups, which come after the appetisers, truly hit the spot.

One of them is double-boiled bird's nest in minced chicken broth with Yunnan ham, diced chicken and crab meat (from the nine-course menu for 10, $168 a person). Minced chicken is blended into the soup to achieve a creamy, almost porridge-like texture.

The other is an unassuming double-boiled winter melon soup (from the seven-course menu for six, $138 a person), which is boiled for five hours in a winter melon and packed with chopped ingredients such as mushrooms, crab meat and prawns.

I try a variety of dishes from the different menus, such as chef Chung's pan-fried prawn on toast and pan-seared Japanese bell peppers stuffed with dace and minced Jinhua ham - throwbacks to labour-intensive Chinese banquet dishes of the past.

It is pure nostalgia for older diners and a chance for younger ones to relish a taste of tradition.

Much work goes into chef Chan Kwok's dishes too. They include milk custard, Australian scallop stuffed with minced shrimp, and boneless chicken wings stuffed with hon shimeji mushrooms - all fried to crisp perfection.

All the menus end with chef Chan Hwan Kee's baked peony red bean pastry and D24 durian glutinous rice ball, a Min Jiang signature.

Seats are filling up, so make your bookings fast.

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