Five on Friday: 5 types of MRT passengers we don't want to cross the island with

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SINGAPORE: With news that six more stations on the Cross Island Line (CRL) will open in about 10 years, commuters in the west - particularly West Coast area - are cheering that they will eventually get better connectivity.

However, this is not the time and space to stoke the flames of the great East side vs West side debate (spoiler alert: it's the East, by the way) or espouse the great merits of Singapore having more MRT lines and stations.

Instead, if you frequently do the commute, you'll notice that there are certain types of passengers, some who make the journey way more difficult that it has to be. 

Here are five types of MRT passengers I would loathe to share a cabin with. 


Just imagine this happening on a train. (Photo: iStock)

Don't look to your left too quickly, but someone's also reading this article with y-

Okay, now they're pretending they weren't staring.

You know this type of passenger well. I call them The FBI Agent. 

These are the people who think they're being discreet while they get all kaypoh (read: nosey) about what you're browsing on your phone, stealing all-too-long glances while you're stalking your celebrity crush, or complaining about your boss to a colleague. 

Here's a tip: Either get a privacy screen protector for your phone or turn to them and say, "Get your own phone out and read this article for free, this news site doesn't have a paywall."


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