First Supermoon Of 2023 Will Rise On 3 July, Reaches Optimal Height At 9pm

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First Supermoon Of 2023 To Rise In Singapore Skies On 3 July, Three More To Appear This Year

The most recent supermoon that entranced Singaporeans occurred on 11 Aug 2022, and we’ve yet to see a similar sight this year.

Thus, moongazers should be anticipating the supermoon that’s rising on 3 July — the first one this year.

The best time to take a good photo of it would be at 9pm, when it reaches its optimal height.

3 July supermoon will be a buck moon

The supermoon on 3 July will be a buck moon, according to the Science Centre Observatory as reported by The Straits Times (ST).

According to the BBC, the full moon in July is nicknamed the “buck moon”, as it appears when new antlers appear on buck deer.

A supermoon occurs when the full Moon or new Moon occurs near the Moon’s closest approach to Earth, says

The super buck moon on 3 July will pass by some 362,000km away from the Earth at its nearest.

Supermoon will rise from 7.13pm

Singapore photographers who want to snap the perfect shot of the buck moon should get ready from 7.13pm on 3 July.

That’s because...

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