Feng Ji Big Prawn Noodle Review: Catch-Your-Own-Prawn Mee Hawker In Tai Seng

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Feng Ji Big Prawn Noodle in Tai Seng lets you catch your own prawns

I’m 100% anti-creepy crawlies and against handling live produce, and I’ve never seen the appeal in late-night prawning or the like. Then my colleague sent us a video of a hawker stall in Tai Seng where you can catch your own live prawns for your hei mee, and nobody else on the team was available to head down—so I was it, and found myself at Feng Ji Big Prawn Noodle one fine morning.

Food at Feng Ji Big Prawn Noodle

To be fair, it’s not absolutely compulsory for you to really catch your own prawns. Order their Traditional Prawn Noodle ($5), Big Prawn Noodle ($12/$16), or any of their other prawn noodles, and the prawns already come with your order—not live ones of course.

If you’re looking for the experience, simply let boss Jacky know t...

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