Fei Gong Cart Noodles Review: Cai Png-Style Hong Kong Cart Noodles With Over 20 Ingredients To Choose From

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Fei Gong Cart Noodles in Marine Parade

Travelling to Hong Kong is finally possible, but having to undergo quarantine and a testing regime makes it quite a hassle to do so. If you can’t wait to slurp down a bowl of cart noodles, visit Fei Gong Cart Noodles in Marine Parade, which allows you to customise your bowl with as many ingredients as you wish.

Strictly speaking, these noodles cannot be classified as “cai png” because there’s no rice involved, but you get my point. 

Food at Fei Gong Cart Noodles

Like a kid in a candy shop, I had to exercise a great deal of restraint in order to not go overboard when choosing my ingredients. 

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