Fav.grillbar Review: New KBBQ Bar Opens Till 12AM, Serves Tender Beef Short Ribs And Free Steam Egg

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Fav.grillbar has KBBQ till 12am in Outram Park

Korean barbeque restaurants are a dime a dozen in the CBD area, and it takes a lot for one to stand out from the rest. However, in comes the newly opened Fav.grillbar on Neil Road, which tempts with a selection of well-marbled short ribs and more on the menu.

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Food at Fav.grillbar

Upon seating, revel in the concise but quality spread of complimentary banchan served. Plated onto sleek metal plates with little Calcifers from Howl’s Moving Castle embossed on the side fanned the Hayao Miyazaki-fangirl-flames in me. Needless to say, there’s kimchi, followed by soya sauce-braised black beans, sweet-salty fish cake, and my two favourites: Korean cold tofu and pickled perilla leaves. 

The cold tofu was unlike the Chinese silken tofu that we are used to. It was more firm and had a stronger soy aftertaste. Likewise, the pickled perilla leaves were intense, with a basil-like flavour that’s deliciously addictive. 

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