Far East Chicken Rice: Roast Chicken Paradise

2 months ago 75

When I first came across Far East Chicken Rice, the first thought that cross my mind was whether they are somehow related to the famous Hainanese Delicacy at Far East Plaza! I am sure I am not the only one who would have this thought. The chicken rice stall over at Far East Plaza has been around for ages and is quite well known, especially with the tourists.

The chirpy lady taking orders, Ms Feng Yiting, must have been asked the question a million times. She was quick to point out that they are in no way related to the stall at Far East Plaza and in fact have already been in business themselves for 32 years! She was also quick to tell me that she just works there and was not related to the owner and chef, Mr Lim Chuan Seng. Whatever it may be, she has already been working there for 17 years and I am sure she is the face of the stall.

The stall specializes in roasted chicken which I found very good. The meat is moist and tender and the seasoning is very tasty. The rice is nicely cooked such that the grains are plump and unbroken and I especially like their chilli sauce which is a little on the sweet side but fragrant with the aroma of lime juice. 4.25/5


A very good roast chicken rice which is worth a visit if you are around the Ubi area! This stall has already been around for 32 years and should not be mistaken for the one at Far East Plaza...

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