FairPrice Says Arabiki Sausage Is Old Packaging, Product Renamed To Avoid Misunderstanding

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FairPrice Repackages Arabiki Sausage After Customers Express Concerns

A product’s packaging matters, as a recent incident involving local supermarket chain FairPrice shows.

After customers allegedly found the packaging of their house brand Arabiki Sausage misleading, the supermarket chain renamed and repackaged the product.

But as photos of the former packaging continue to circulate online, FairPrice has taken to social media to clear the air.

The supermarket chain explained that the term Arabiki is the Japanese phrase for “coarsely ground”.

FairPrice renames Arabiki sausage to ‘Japanese Style Pork Sausage’

The saga apparently began from a Facebook post accusing FairPrice of being “very insensitive” for naming its product ‘Arabiki Sausage’.

The OP questioned why the name contained the word “Arab”, which they claimed might confuse Muslims.

The post circulated online recently, but FairPrice took to Facebook themselves to clarify that they first became aware of the post in Jul 2020.

They also pointed out that the image in the post showed the product’s expiry date to be in the year 2020.

Since then, the supermarket chain has repackaged the product as Japanese-Style Pork Sausage, of which they included a photo in their post.

FairPrice explained that the term ‘Arabiki’ actually means “coarsely ground” in Japanese.

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