FairPrice Finest Has Unique Desserts And Snacks, Get Loacker Ice Cream, Plant-Based Cadbury Chocolate And More

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Premium snacks and desserts at FairPrice Finest

Snack fiends, you’ll want in on this: FairPrice Finest has brought in some unique and premium nibbles and desserts as part of their Sweet Treats campaign. These will be available in stores at promotional prices too, so look out for signs in FairPrice Finest directing you to these unique products!

From popular wafer snack brand Loacker’s latest ice cream launch, to addictive nut mixes for snacking on-the-go, here’s an idea of what to stock up on.

We all know and love Loacker for their best-selling Napolitaner, which sees light wafer biscuits layered with smooth hazelnut cream. It’s a no-brainer that the brand has come up with an ice cream version of the iconic snack: Loacker Biscuit Ice Cream ($13.95).

The all-new dessert features creamy hazelnut and cocoa ice cream held by two crunchy wafer cookies. Mixed with roasted Italian hazelnuts, this frozen treat is a refreshing respite ...

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