Ex-SIA Cabin Crew Now Sells Pork At Bukit Batok Wet Market, Thanks To Pandemic

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Comms Grad Quit Job To Help Family Business Go Online After It’s Affected By Covid-19

To many people, a Singapore Airlines (SIA) cabin crew brings to mind grace and class.

These aren’t qualities typically associated with wet markets.

So for a SIA cabin crew member to end up selling pork at a wet market may seem like somewhat of a downgrade.

However, one Singaporean woman chose that career path to help her husband’s family business, which was affected by the pandemic.

She was a cabin crew for 3 years

The woman in question is Ms Chen Jiaqi, according to an 8World News feature on her story.

Now 29 years old, she graduated from with university with a communications and new media degree.

She proceeded to work as an SIA cabin crew for three years.

She then worked at a start-up in Shanghai as a business development manager before the pandemic hit.

In-law’s pork stall affected by pandemic

In Apr 2020, when Singapore was in the throes of the ‘Circuit Breaker’, Ms Chen was working from home in Singapore.

She often noticed that her in-laws looked tired and worried about the business of their pork stall.

The butchery, Quan Shui Wet Market, is located at Block 156, Bukit Batok Street 11.

They told 8World that during the ‘Circuit Breaker’ they were worried that they wouldn’t be able to sell off their meat.

She helped take business online

Ms Chen sympathised with their plight, describing it as heartbreaking.

So she decided to take the chance to help them fulfill their “dream” — retaking the business online, after a previous aborted attempt.

This is where her degree and work experience came in handy.

They started off by taking a small number of orders from neighbours via WhatsApp, and delivering them on foot.

She also helped to do the website design, product photography and sales strategy.

On top of that, she also helped out at the stall, chopping meat, defeathering chickens and making deliveries.

She quit her job

Ms Chen did all th...

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