The Almighty Dollar:A Psychiatrist Looks at Money

Eugene Lowenkopf M.D., Author

Book Vine Press author Eugene L. Lowenkopf’s book is an informative volume that considers the subject of money from a psychiatrist's viewpoint.

Money plays its part in almost all human activities and, the more you know, the better. This book examines many money-based situations which will help you emotionally and possibly financially.”

— Eugene L. Lowenkopf M.D.

PALATINE, IL, UNITED STATES, March 1, 2023 / -- “The Almighty Dollar: A Psychiatrist Looks at Money” examines elements of the money-mind interaction from the perspective of a psychiatrist who has dealt with the issues that money causes as well as the ones that it ostensibly cures. There are chapters on life stages including childhood, adolescence, marriage, maturity, retirement, old age and death, as well as chapters on specific issues like divorce, poverty, wealth, gambling, theft, philanthropy and hoarding. The author illustrates these concerns using examples from his professional work as well as from history, literature, current events and popular culture and personalities. He continues by explaining how to rectify disturbances that involve money in order to become happier and more successful.

This book is a creation of published author Eugene L. Lowenkopf M.D., who is in...