entertainment Jacky Wu, in Singapore to promote his health products, says Mickey Huang 'shouldn't think about coming back to showbiz anymore'

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Over the years, popular Taiwanese TV hosts Jacky Wu and Mickey Huang had kept in close contact through WhatsApp.

In an interview with Singapore media today (Feb 16), Jacky, 61, showed us part of a message from July 2020, where Mickey, 51, sent him a photo of all of Jacky's albums that he had collected.

Accompanying the photo is an audio message: "I also have a collection of your songs sung during competitions. You were so handsome. I am getting another of your albums… You (using a pronoun for addressing a senior) have left quite a lot of history," Mickey said in a friendly and admiring tone.

Not just that, they had conversations that dated all the way back to around 2015.

However, despite the pleasant exchange they had over the years, Jacky was one of the first people that Mickey accused when he was outed by internet celebrity Zofia last June of forcing a kiss on her more than 10 years ago when she was 17 years old and also taking nude photos of her.

Soon after, Mickey posted three shocking tell-all videos, exposing 18 celebrities in the Taiwanese entertainment industry, including Jacky, before attempting to take his own life.

He had been laying low to recuperate for the past months and there were rumours in recent months that he may be returning to the entertainment industry soon.

Jacky, who is in Singapore this week for a private event and to promote his health supplement products on online shopping platform Shopee, was asked to comment on this by local reporters.

"His errors are things that nobody in showbiz would forgive. And the wrongs that he had done are things that involved the law… I urged him to be brave. If you have done something shameful, you should just change for the better. If I am him, I wouldn't have the face [to return to showbiz]," he shared, adding that Mickey's suicide attempt is a "cowardly" behaviour.

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