Elden Ring DLC is not coming any time soon, leaks and rumors foiled

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Rumors have been circulating for a few months now that the highly-anticipated DLC for Elden Ring, The Shadow of the Erdtree was about to drop, potentially by the end of this month, which coincidentally is the two-year anniversary of the original game’s release. 

Such is the popularity of Elden Ring, a two-year hiatus has not damaged the yearning from its fans to get back into the fiendishly difficult Soulslike, to the point where leakers and those who want to be the first to spread the word, have been poking around in the inner sanctums of the Steam backend for any trace that an update may be on the way.

Plenty of evidence had been uncovered, and new files, some even with DLC in the title appeared to have been uploaded, leading to rife speculation that From Software was about to do what From Software does, and just release new content without warning.

Several publications including PC Gamer have now poured water on the rumor because of a line in a financial report from Kadakow – FromSoftware’s parent company, which said, “We are currently working hard on the development of DLC for Elden Ring but we have not announced a release date at this time.”

Having said that, Shadow of the Erdtree is definitely on the way, the Steam updates cannot point to anything else at this stage. They would have nothing to do with the recent leak of a mobile Elden Ring being worked on by Tencent, and there previously hadn’t been any new files uploaded to Steam since the original game’s release. Something is going on, but as yet, it does not seem as though it is going to be any of our business any time soon.

An awful lot would need to happen now in the next two weeks until the anniversary...

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