Eco-friendlier, more efficient and stylish: Electric rides to consider at [email protected] 2022

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Whether you need a chic, new drive or desire a practical vehicle to suit your lifestyle, consider these electric cars at Singapore’s largest motor show this year

With the electric revolution under way, it is giving drivers more opportunities to go green than ever. Just as the internal combustion engine (ICE) mobilised the masses in the 20th century, the electric motor will be the motive power of choice in the next era of transportation.

Smaller than a comparable ICE engine and with fewer moving parts, an electric motor is easier to maintain yet delivers spirited acceleration – going green does not mean losing out on driving fun.

[email protected] 2022 is held on Aug 13 and 14 at the Singapore Expo Halls 3B and 4. To find your way around, tap on "Hall 3B" or "Hall 4" to zoom into the enlarged version of the floor plan of the respective halls. 

It’s cleaner for the environment too. An electric vehicle (EV) emits half the amount of carbon dioxide over its lifetime compared with a similar ICE-powered vehicle.

Moreover, rapid developments in EV technology has resulted in more attractive vehicles made by automakers today.

Modern EVs are faster, more advanced and can go further on one charge than before, giving drivers a wider selection of cars to fit their lifestyles.

The Singapore government is not only encouraging adoption of hybrid and electric vehicles, but also facilitating construction of more vehicle chargers around the island – the target is to have 60,000 charging points by 2030 – to give motorists a seamless EV ownership experience.

It is an environment that plays into the hands – or the steering wheel – of the Audi e-tron. An all-electric sport utility vehicle, it keeps its passengers ensconced in a luxurious cabin, all wrapped in a body synonymous with Audi’s design codes – and one that hints of the futuristic powertrain that lies beneath.

With a range of up to 441km from a la...

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