Easy Egg Tart Recipe with French Cream

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Egg tarts come in various iterations. In Hong Kong, you can have egg tarts with Chinese puff pastry or short crust pastry. In Macau, the custard is burnt. In England, they use a butter short crust and cream in the custard. Locally, the legendary Tong Heng makes their crust with pork lard and the egg custard has only egg and sugar syrup.

You can find many egg tart recipes online, but this one is quite unique. It is my own method of baking an egg tart quickly and efficiently and it’s gluten-free! Instead of a butter shortcrust, I am using a mix of fine Almond flour and tapioca flour and, instead of butter, I use the same custard mixture to bind the flour together to mold it into the shell.

By using French Cream instead of butter, I avoid having to keep the dough cold, which is a bother in tropical Singapore, and, by not using plain flour, there is no risk of gluten formation when you over-handle the dough causing the shell to be chewy instead of crunchy. The recipe still produces a crunchy tart shell with a rich and velvety custard.

Step by step video guide to the recipe


Makes 11 tarts

CustardFresh Cream 220gEgg Yolk 3 (65g eggs)Icing Sugar 40gVanilla Essence 1 tsp

ShellFine Almond Flour 80gTapioca Flour 80gBaking Powder 1/4 tspSalt 1/2 tspCustard Mixture 50ml

12 Tart MoldsVegetable oil for brushing (Substitute with melted butter if you want more buttery flavor)


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