Level Infinite, the western arm of global game giant Tencent, and TimiStudio Group, its new subsidiary, were launched in an effort to deliver high-quality games to a global audience. At GamesBeat Summit 2023, Ryan Ward, commercial team director at TiMi Studio Group — best known for Honor of Kings — and Anthony Crouts, marketing director, Tencent Games North America, discussed the ways Tencent and its subsidiaries are successfully collaborating to make big games and bring them to a worldwide audience.

The Level Infinite brand, encompassing a broad array of partner studios and content creators, aims to ensure everyone under that umbrella has the resources, the focus and the understanding of the marketplace to bring the right users to the right content, and create a hit, said Crouts. Honor of Kings, a collaboration between TiMi and Level Infinite, currently has 100 million DAUs — a bonafide mobile sensation, with an audience of more than 50% women gamers.

“The big thing that we’re trying to do is provide that overarching brand and container for all of our great studios,” Crouts said. “It’s how we engage with our studios, helping them realize their vision, applying the resources that we have, across all of the different disciplines in marketing — when it comes to social media, when it comes to paid advertising, when it comes to research and user insights and giving that back to the development teams.”

They’re well beyond the premium DLC era, Ward said — today the way to provide value to players is with games-as-a-service and live service models. And that model is really at the heart of everything TiMi does, he explained, and why Tencent is a valuable partner, providing a foundation from which to adapt to a changing market.

“We want to put quality first with awesome creative content that the market actually wants and cares about, and then try and provide an ongoing, everlasting solution with continuous value,” he said. “It requires a whole new mindset. We want to carry the DNA of Tencent games at a macro level, but also plan and adapt for the changing market and really meet the needs in the West.”

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