Earth’s Inner Core May Be Rotating In Opposite Direction, But Change Won’t Affect Life On Surface

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New Research Suggests Earth’s Inner Core May Be Spinning In Other Direction

New research has surfaced suggesting that the Earth’s inner core may have stopped rotating.

In fact, it may be spinning in the other direction. The same phenomenon has apparently occurred before, in the early 1970s.

As of yet, not much is known about the effects of the new rotation on Earth.

Research involves analysing seismic waves

On 23 Jan, Nature Geoscience published a study suggesting that the Earth’s inner core may have reversed its rotation.

A hot iron ball slightly smaller than the moon, the inner core floats inside a liquid outer core, according to The Washington Post. As such, it is able to spin independently.

Research typically involves measuring the time lags and disturbances in seismic waves when they pass through the Earth’s centre. These differences come from earthquakes and, occasionally, nuclear explosions.

The study by Nature Geoscience was done by analysing seismic waves from repeating earthquakes over the past 60 years.

Earth’s inner core possibly spinning in opposite direction

Speaking to AFP, authors of the study Xiaodong Song and Yi Yang from Peking University said the inner core nearly stopped rotating around 2009, before turning in the opposite...

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