Earle Swensen’s Has XXL Unicorn Sundaes And A Free-Flow Salad Bar Buffet

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Earle Swensen’s has new exclusive XXL sundaes

My family and I love visiting Swensen’s for special occasions because it’s a homely and nostalgic restaurant with tasty food and popular ice creams. Just like some of us, Swensen’s took on a glow-up in the recent decade, with two atas outlets in VivoCity and Jewel Changi Airport, known as Earle Swensen’s, offering an exclusive menu you wouldn’t find at their other outlets. 

What’s different here is that you’ll find improved signature dishes, a free-flow salad bar buffet , and their newest creations, including the Big S Sundae! These XXL sundaes come in three flavours: The Unicorn, Pink on Fleek, and Chocasaurus. These humongous desserts, priced at $67++ each, are great for a fun get-together, good for five to six people a cup. 

Go for The Unicorn, a dessert that’s almost too cute to eat! This stars a mint pudding base, fruit loops, and scoops of Strawberry, Yam ice cream, and Mint Chip gelato. You’ll also find ...

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