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This has been one of those weeks — so much has happened I can hardly believe only five days have gone by. Multiple companies reported their quarterly earnings, and while some — like Sony — have decent news to report, others — like Electronic Arts — offered more of a mixed outlook. Multiple games are shutting down, including Apex Legends Mobile, Battlefield Mobile, Knockout City and Rumbleverse.

Finally, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is getting a six-week delay. This is not as significant as other delays, but the fact that EA isn’t releasing it on May the 4th despite it being less than a week’s difference is bugging me. I suspect it’s choosing to forgo this opportunity so Survivor doesn’t have to compete with Tears of the Kingdom, which releases on May 12, and yet still gives EA a win for Q1 of their next fiscal year (it was originally scheduled to launch in Q4 of this year).

Also, the Securities and Exchange Commission ruled that Activision Blizzard violated workplace rules about reporting misconduct and whistleblower protection. The settlement allows the company to pay $35 million while admittin...