E-Win Gaming Chair, Ergonomically Office and Home Office Approved

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As more and more employees are choosing to remain working remotely — or only taking jobs that offer remote work options, it is more important than ever to ensure that the 8hrs+ per day you’re spending sitting down are as comfortable and ergonomically correct as possible. Enter the E-WIN Champion Series chair.

E-Win Champion Gaming Chair

Specs of the E-Win Gaming Chair

Priced at $359 at the time of this writing, this chair series is priced around the low to mid-range for ergonomic gaming chairs — but this one is definitely worth it. Boasting a 155-degree recline, memory foam-like cushion, and a 400lbs weight limit, it’s hard to beat the comfort at that price. Also worth noting is that the E-WIN has an XL line specifically designed for more significant users with a max weight of just under 600lbs.

The Champion Series chair has SO many different color possibilities that you are sure to find your favorite color in the lineup. You also have the choice between PU leather and a piece of soft woven fabric to choose from. The seat is made of cold-cured foam, similar to memory foam, and is on the slightly harder or sturdier side and holds its shape for extended periods.

The E-Win includes heavy-duty wheels, padded and adjustable armrests, and a removable lumbar support cushion and neck pillow. The lumbar support is my all-time favorite and the reason I chose this chair — it’s just better. However, I never imagined the neck support would be so great.

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