E-bike riders allegedly travel at speeds of up to 140km/h at Marina Bay & Changi

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E-bike riders filmed racing at high speeds along Marina Bay & Changi Coast Road

E-bike riders are often accused of not practising caution on the road.

Recent footage of e-bike riders racing along Marina Bay and Changi Coast Road certainly is not helping their case.

According to the Facebook page that shared the clip, the illegally modified electric devices were travelling at speeds of up to 140km/h.

E-bike riders filmed racing at high speeds

On Monday (15 April), the SGRV FAN Facebook page posted a video compilation of several racing incidents involving e-bike riders.

The first recording shows three e-bike users zooming down an empty road, followed by another video of a rider travelling at a similarly high speed.

People were also seen watching along the sidelines and laughing at the rider.

In the next clip, another e-bike rider is seen flying down a narrower path, again with bystanders filming and watching the “race”.

A speed test screenshot states that the rider allegedly reached a maximum speed of 140km/h.

The third clip shows another two e-bike riders bolting down an empty road.

The final clip depicts two riders swiftly hurtling past the camera, showcasing the popularity of races within the e-bike community.

Netizens call out riders for recklessness

Many Facebook users called out the e-bike riders for their reckless behaviour.

Some cracked jokes, sarcastically remarking that the riders should show off their “talent” professionally.

Overall, most pointed out the dangers such activities could pose for pedestrians and other road us...

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