E-Bike Rider Cuts Across Mandai Road Lanes To Evade Traffic Police, Escapes Onto Footpath

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E-Bike Rider Tries To Evade Traffic Police Along Mandai Road On 22 Nov

Riders of power-assisted bicycles, AKA e-bikes, have been in the limelight on many occasions for breaking traffic rules and operating their devices in public spaces.

Eggs Thrown At E-Bike Riders For Noise Disturbance At Night In Bukit Panjang, Culprit Unknown

Recently, an e-bike rider was spotted riding recklessly along Mandai in the presence of a traffic police officer.

Footage of the incidetnt was shared on Facebook, showing the police officer hot on the rider’s heels.

As the traffic police officer caught up to the e-bike rider, the latter tried to evade the officer and was appeared to be successful as he went up a footpath.

Traffic police spots e-bike rider tailgating vehicles along Mandai Road

The minute-long video starts off with the e-bike rider tailing closely behind a mini-bus along Mandai Road.

After overtaking the mini-bus and a lorry, the rider starts to accelerate along the left-most lane.

Just as we ...

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