Dusky langur, leaf monkey steals car side mirror and gets mesmerized by its own reflection

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Perched on a nearby tree, the primate had more privacy to admire its own beauty reflected in the mirror.

SINGAPORE — It was monkey business indeed for a dusky langur caught on camera ripping off a vehicle side mirror to gaze at its reflection. The monkey had hopped on top of a parked Honda and looked at the stuff inside the vehicle before deciding on a souvenir.

Facebook user Maggie Lim photographed the incident and shared them on the Wildlife of Central Catchment Nature Reserve page. She noted that the dusky langur sighting attracted several curious folks as well.

“Before long, it left its mark with a ripped-off left mirror! I hope your car insurance is up to date; sorry to see this happened,” wrote Ms Lim.

Photo: FB screengrab/Wildlife of Central Catchment Nature Reserve

The dusky la...

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