Driver Rear-Ends Volvo On AYE After Passing Car Splashes Water Onto Windscreen & Blocks Vision

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Driver Rear-Ends Volvo In Tuas After Passing Car Splashes Water & Blocks Vision

Drivers are advised to drive slowly during wet weather so they have more time to react when the unexpected happens.

Recently, a driver was driving along AYE when a passing car splashed water onto their windscreen.

Unable to see for a good two seconds, the driver ended up rear-ending a stationary car ahead.

Driver loses vision due to water splash & rear-ends car ahead of them

On Monday (18 Sep), dashcam footage of the accident on Teban Flyover along AYE was shared to the SG Road Vigilante Facebook group.

The timestamp in the video suggests that the collision happened at about 7.40am on 18 Sep.

At the start of the video, the dashcam vehicle was seen driving along the second lane behind a white bus as it approached Teban Flyover.

Without warning, a silver car came up from the right and drove into a puddle, splashing water onto the dashcam vehicle’s windscreen.

The driver of the dashcam vehicle was blinded by the wall of water for a good two seconds.

When he finally regained his vision, the driver found himself on a collision course with a stationary Volvo, which had its hazard light turned on.

The white bus, which was initially ahead of the dashcam vehicle, had filtered to the left lane, presumably to overtake the stationary Volvo.

Even though the driver of the dashcam vehicle was driving at just about 60km per hour, it was enough to leave a severe dent in the Volvo’s boot.

Netizens are reminded to drive slower during wet weather

Many netizens commented on the video, pointing out how suay — or unlucky — the dashcam driver was....

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