Driver Flashes M’sian Passport At Tuas Second Link, He Was Trying To Cut Before Car

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Driver Flashes Passport While Trying To Cut Queue, Also Gets Out & Gestures At Car Behind

Now that it’s the weekend before National Day, cross-border traffic is getting heavy again as folks in Singapore head over to Malaysia for a quick getaway.

We all know what that might lead to: Another unpleasant incident involving stressed-out drivers stuck in traffic.

This time, a man was recorded flashing a Malaysian passport at the Tuas Second Link while trying to cut in front of another car.

We’re not sure what he was hoping to gain, besides the disdain of netizens in both countries.

Camcar stuck on Second Link for 4 hours

The incident was captured by in-car camera videos posted on Facebook by a Ms Joanna Loh from Malaysia, who was in the camcar behind.

Recognising that a traffic jam near National Day is inevitable, she said in her post that she and her sister left for the Tuas Second Link at 7am, getting through customs at 8am.

After leaving Tuas, the jam started, she said, trapping them on the road for four hours.

That’s when they encountered the male driver involved in the incident.

Honda tries to cut queue

According to the timestamp, the first video was taken on Saturday (6 Aug) at 11.38am in the morning, and shows cars packed in bumper-to-bumper traffic on the Second Link.

Then, a black Honda, whose driver’s arm is dangling out the window, tries to cut in front of the camcar.

However, the camcar also moves forward at the same time, seemingly refusing to let the Honda cut queue.

Ms Loh said that the Honda driver was in the wrong since he didn’t signal before trying to cut in.

In fact, they would’ve let him go if he’d been polite enough to signal, she added.

Honda driver flashes Malaysian passport

After briefly retreating to his car to put his mask on, the Honda driver reopens his window to gesture aggressively with his arm, seemingly asking, &...

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