Dragon’s Dogma 2 has sold 2.5M units despite launch controversy

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April 2, 2024 2:00 PM

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Capcom announced today that its recently launched RPG, Dragon’s Dogma 2, has sold 2.5 million copies within two weeks of launch. It also added that cumulative sales of the series, including the original and the Dark Arisen re-release, have now surpassed 10 million units since the first game launched in 2012.

Previously, Dragon’s Dogma sold one million copies within a month of launch, meaning the sequel has already lapped the original in terms of launch sales. Capcom said in its sales announcement that this is likely due to its more aggressive pre-launch marketing campaign: “Capcom carried out various global-facing promotional activities with the aim of attracting not only long-time fans of the series but newcomers as well, including the launch of a free application that let users create their player avatars prior to the game’s release, as well as in-game pawns made in collaboration with celebrities in various countries and Japanese national athletes.”

Capcom also said in a Q&A in its FY23 Q3 report that, “we consider [Dragon’s Dogma 2] to be in the million-selling class.”

Dragon’s Dogma 2’s launch was not without its missteps: Previously unrevealed microtransactions sullied the game’s reputation in some gamers’ eyes, and they vented their ...

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