DJ Koo shows marriage photos with Barbie Hsu for first time

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SEOUL - Nearly four months after their suprise marriage, South Korean musician DJ Koo has shown for the first time photos of his wedding with Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu.

Koo, whose real name is Koo Jun-yup, returned to South Korea for work recently and was a guest on variety show You Quiz On The Block, hosted by Yoo Jae-suk and Jo Se-ho.

The 52-year-old shared his love story with Hsu, 52, on the show.

He said that he thought she was a nice girl when he first met her 20 years ago and that he would marry only someone like her.

They dated in secret for a year before breaking up in 1999, and did not see each other again until they reconnected after Hsu's divorce from Chinese businessman Wang Xiaofei, 40, in November last year.

Koo said he decided to try and contact Hsu, better known as Big S, on her old mobile phone number when he learnt last year that she was single again.

He succeeded in reconnecting with her Sand he called it "destiny".

He later proposed to her via video, as he was in South Korea while she was in Taiwan. He dropped to one knee during the proposal even though she was not there in person.

They registered their marriage in South Korea before he flew over to Taiwan in March to do the same there.

Koo shared photos of their marriage registration in Taiwan. She wore a wedding gown with veil while Koo wore a suit and sunglasses. There were also photos of them making funny faces.

Koo also refuted rumours that their union did not have the blessings of both their mothers.

"My mother has seen Barbie when we were dating 20 years ago. She said Barbie loved me very much at tha...

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