Ding Gua Gua Fried Rice Review: Ex-Din Tai Fung Chef Sells $4 Egg Fried Rice In Bedok

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Ding Gua Gua Fried Rice by ex-Din Tai Fung chef in Bedok

Ex-restaurant chefs-turned-hawkers are becoming more common these days, and we’re seeing more restaurant-inspired dishes popping up in our heartlands. The latest newcomer to the list of egg fried rice stalls in Singapore is Ding Gua Gua Fried Rice, which is opened by a former Din Tai Fung chef and restaurant manager. Located in Bedok South, the hawker stall is known for their signature egg fried rice as well as other popular DTF-style dishes, including dry noodles and fried dumplings.

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Food at Ding Gua Gua Fried Rice

I was expecting to find only one kind of egg fried rice here, so I was pleasantly surprised that the stall offers four different types of fried rice as the base: Signature Egg Fried Rice ($4), Garlic Fried Rice ($4), DGG Egg Fried Rice ($4.40), and Sambal Fried Rice ($4.50). You can choose to complement the carbs with your choice of meat: pork chop ($2.50), shrimp ($2.50), Taiwanese sausage ($1.50), or luncheon meat ($1).

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