Dignity Kitchen Food Court – good food with a good cause

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You may have passed by this red building covered with murals along Boon Keng Road and wondered what’s inside. Well, let us peel off the covers and take you inside this facility that houses a food court and training centre. It is the headquarters of the social enterprise Project Dignity. With just 5 out of 100 people with disability employed, its mission is to restore dignity to the differently-abled and disadvantaged by training and providing them with a job.

One may naturally assume that the food at such establishments would be average at best, but we were pleasantly surprised to find a very good Laksa and an Ondeh Ondeh cake which is worth the trip!

What’s good to eat?

Lovely Cakes and Bakes from their inhouse Bakery

If there is one reason to visit Dignity Kitchen, it’s their cakes! Their in-house bakery is helmed by veteran pastry chef Nik Heng whose resume lists 5-star hotels like Raffles and a number of local bakeries/cafes like Hans, Prima and Harri Anns. His Pandan Fudge and Ondeh Ondeh cakes ($5.90/slice) are very well made. They are not too sweet and the pandan flavour is strong yet not grassy. I would concur (with Chef Nik) that the texture is “melt-in-your-mouth” light, moist and fluffy. His Toffee Salted Caramel and Key Lime cakes ($5.90/slice) are very good too. 4.25/5

We didn’t try all the stalls there but we can confidently say that cakes, laksa, and even the fish & chips are worth making a trip down to try. With so many ex-hotel chefs behind the scenes, the Signature Laksa ($5.50) is the distillation of the tried and true recipes of various 5-star hotels coming together. The gravy is lemak (rich) and flavourful and ...

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