Digimon Fans Still Exist—and They’re the Keepers of Its Future

3 days ago 27

In an era when everyone wants to peek behind the scenes at the development of their favorite games, it’s harder than ever to separate the final product from the news of its dev cycle. That's especially true with Digimon Survive, the latest installment in the monster-collecting franchise that was announced in July 2018 for release the following year. That, of course, did not happen. A 2019 release became a 2020 release, a 2020 release evolved into a 2021 release, and a 2021 debut turned into a 2022 finish line. Pandemic delays, an overhaul of the game’s engine, and a complete switch in production teams combined to turn the wait into a seemingly indefinite one.

Of course, this is nothing new for Digimon fans. For years, a dearth of official releases and scattershot localization of the anime meant that the franchise has been kept alive only by fan passion in America. It doesn’t have the almost omnipotent branding of Pokémon, where every big release is a major pop culture event. Instead, Digimon is only as strong as the will o...

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