Dermal fillers and blindness: What causes it? Can it be reversed? What are the signs that something is wrong?

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What causes the blindness in the first place? And should you cancel your next appointment to safeguard yourself?

The popularity of dermal fillers stems from its minimally invasive nature. (Photo: iStock/Nuttawan Jayawan)

What most people want out of dermal fillers is a fresher, more youthful mien – minus the need to go under the knife. A few strategically placed and minute injections of the gel-like substance under the skin may reduce the appearance of wrinkles, lift droopy eyelids and plump up facial volume loss caused by ageing.

These minimally invasive jabs are also preferable to plastic surgery to raise the nose bridge and reshape the chin to create a coveted nose profile and V-shaped face.

But for a

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