'Death to the dictator': Anger erupts in Iran as women burn their veils & youths take to streets

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A growing protest movement is taking place in the authoritarian nation of Iran. Videos circulating on social media show crowds of mostly young men and women marching in the streets and chanting anti-government slogans.

The protests erupted following the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini, an ethnic Kurdish woman from a rural area of Iran, which occurred after an altercation with the country's "morality police" — who enforce the Middle Eastern state's laws regarding modesty, according to CNN.

Death of Mahsa Amini

On Sep. 17, the BBC reported that Amini was visiting the capital city of Tehran when she was apprehended by a morality police squad for violating a law related to the veil.

Under Iranian law, women in public must cover up their arms and legs and veil their hair, including foreigners.

Eyewitnesses claimed that Amini was beaten in the back of a police van. The BBC added that the police supposedly beat her head with a baton, and banged her head against a vehicle.

Her family was informed by the police that she was taken to a hospital a few hours after the arrest, where she supposedly suffered a "heart problem" and died.

However, her family told an Iranian news outlet that she had no history of heart problems, the Washington Post reported. She also was in a coma before she died.

They were also at a loss to explain why Amini was singled out, as other women were supposedly less covered up than her.

Protests erupted after Amini's death

Amini's death under suspicious circumstances sparked a wave of protests.

The Washington Post reported that alongside Amini's death, protestors were ...

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